Sorry Thanksgiving!

I bet if Thanksgiving could talk, it would say, “damn it Christmas, get away from me and stop stealing my thunder.” And for valid reasons!

It seems that Thanksgiving never gets the proper respect it deserves. OK, maybe it doesn’t deserve that much respect. After all it’s simply an aloof historical juncture that we magnify and commercialize to glut ourselves to torpid somnolence without feelings of condemnatory guilt.

But hey, you gotta feel bad for the girl (yes, Thanksgiving is a female, how many men do you know who give and say thanks)! Over her lifetime, she never receives a red carpet welcome, whereas Christmas’ prep is all about the reds and greens. The turkeys haven’t even groaned their last gobbles, yet jolly old men are already ho-ho-ing their ways around retail stores. Heck, some people don’t even call it Thanksgiving but pseudonym it “Turkey Day.” Yes, Turkey Day. You don’t hear people going around wishing each other “Happy Santa Day” or “Merry Claus Day,” do you?

So here’s to Thanksgiving. I support your Claus, oops, cause! May you get the recognition you seek. May the David in you overpower the Goliath-ly Christmas. And may your pinky find its righteous placement in the family of Christmas toes.