Bằng Kiều – Linh Hồn Đã Mất

What sets Bang Kieu apart from all other Thuy Nga performers is that he can actually sing. His tenor vocal registers an amazingly high tessitura, often several octaves above on the diatonic scale. However, over utilizing such talent can lead to an irritating experience for listeners, as evident in his latest album Linh Hồn Đã Mất.

From the first title to the last, Bang Kieu howls through each note with deafening atonality. Instead of creating emotions, he induces an ear-splitting tinnitus and one heck of a migraine so that after the third track, you’re compelled to bitch-slap the sissy and tell him to STFU.

As if one whinny bitch isn’t enough, the album features 3 others (Minh Tuyet, Van Quynh, and Nguyen Hong Nhung) to accent the screaming orgy. With lyrics like “Màn đêm đã buông dần \ Đèn hiu hắt cô quạnh \ Nhớ em anh muốn hét lên trong đêm dài,” Bang Kieu tries too hard to show off his skill. Yes, we recognize your wicked falsetto, but spare us the headache and don’t jam it in our ears at every chance you get.